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Aerobatic Flying Experiences - Made For Thrill Seekers

Aerobatic flying experiences make a great gift for someone who has a thirst for adrenalin. Available at a variety of locations across the UK in stunt planes such as the Bulldog, Cessna 150 or the World War 2 Chipmunk, our aerobatic flights are an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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Aerobatic Flights

The sky is the limit with this adrenaline-soaked experience. Aerobatic flying combines the art of flying with the grace and exhilaration of mid-air acrobatics. Jump into the cockpit of one of several perfectly balanced aeroplanes and take to the skies for the ride of your life as an experienced pilot puts you through your paces in an aerobatic spin you are sure to remember. For those not willing to be a silent participant, prepare to take the controls as seasoned instructors teach you the ropes before letting you try some aerobatics of your very own. Spin, twist, glide and roll across the English skyline in the aerobatic experience of your choice.

Prices are usually upwards of £150 to around £400 depending on the type and length of experience you are after. All aerobatic experiences offer around 30 minutes in the air but the more expensive options are usually more involved, more hands on and in more powerful and prestigious aerobatic planes. Any aerobatic flight is enough to satisfy even the hardiest of thrill-seekers however!

For the historians amongst you, why not try the ex-military and fighter pilot aerobatic experiences? Take a flight in either a T67 Slingsby Firefly or a Bulldog, both of which are aeroplanes used by the military (including the RAF) for training fighter pilots. The instructors and pilots in these planes are all ex-military and will show you how to fly like a real fighter pilot, with all of the aerobatics of the traditional experiences and much more.

The planes

All of the planes used have been specifically designed to provide the best aerial acrobatics possible. Perfectly balanced, the planes can duck and weave, vertically climb and barrel roll with the greatest of ease.

As previously stated, the T67 Slingsby Firefly and the Bulldog are military planes. The Slingsby Firefly is used as a basic trainer plane for the UK RAF and other air forces around the world. The two-seater plane was first flown in 1974, can reach speeds of 175mph and can be seen on the BBC children’s programme ‘Come Outside’.

The Bulldog was first flown in 1969 and was very popular with the Swedish army, who immediately ordered 78 for training purposes. The Bulldog was also frequently deployed by the RAF as one of their training planes right up until 2001. Again two-seated, the plane can reach maximum speeds of 148mph.

There are many other planes used by various aerobatic experience centres across the UK. The aerobatic flying package in Devon offers a flight in a de Havilland Chipmunk (a popular training plane made in Canada), but whichever plane you fly in, you're promised a stomach-churning, thrill-seeking experience that is not to be missed.

What can I expect?

When you arrive at your chosen aerobatic flight centre the first step is to listen to or read some very important safety information. The next step is to be introduced to your pilot and, most importantly, your plane. Here you will learn more about the day, how long your flight will be and some of the incredible stunts on offer.

After that it is time to suit up, strap in and take to the skies as your aerobatic flight experience begins. Once you have reached a safe altitude the fun starts, as the pilot begins with gravity-defying vertical climbs and flight manoeuvres to warm you up. Then it is time for some really extreme flying; be prepared for barrel rolls, loops and plummets as you are tested to your thrill-seeking capacity. It is usually customary to scream and yell with excitement during flights, but this can be left to the discretion of the flyer! Important note: remember to release the intercom button whilst screaming (otherwise the pilot may go deaf).

Then it is just a case of keeping going until the allotted time is up or your adrenaline runs out and its back to the ground for a debrief, before heading home thoroughly satisfied with the experience you have had.

Where are these experiences found?

Aerobatic flight experiences are available throughout the country, but not every airport or flight centre offers every package. It is for this reason that it is worth doing your research or calling ahead to see which options are offered by your local flight centre or airport.

Locations range from Gloucestershire, Devon and Dorset in the south to Manchester, York and Blackpool in the north and many Midlands locations (such as Coventry) offer the experience days, too. The aerobatic flight experience days are typically situated in or near smaller airports across the UK as you would expect, and you are never far away from an aerobatic flight experience that will push you to the very limit of your adventurous nature.


The aerobatic flight experience days offer a unique and amazing adventure unlike any other in a variety of different locations and a number of different planes. This is more than just a rollercoaster ride, this adrenaline-rushing activity will last a minimum of half an hour, providing extended thrill-seeking fun.

The experience days can be set at your own pace and a chat with your pilot beforehand will let them know just how adventurous you are feeling. This is more than just a fun activity, it is something that must be done at least once in your lifetime; riding a plane and testing its limits through a variety of stunts, dips and loops will not only provide you with an exhilarating ride, but also give you a memory you will hold onto for many years to come.