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Animal Encounters, Zoo Experiences and Pet Photoshoots

Zoo experiences
Be a zoo keeper for the day, meet Meerkats or Lemurs, try your hand at being a shepherd, feed the big cats (that's lions and tigers!) or have some professional photos taken of your pet.

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Experience Days for Animal Lovers

For a nation of animal lovers, we've put together the complete package of options to suit your tastes, whether it's a professional portrait of your pooch or a day out shadowing a zookeeper as he carries out his duties.

Every one of our options has been carefully thought through, with nothing left to chance to provide you with affordable lasting memories. We've searched out the best options available, on land and at sea, to ensure that you get some real life close up experiences with a range of great animals. Whether it's a day out in Yorkshire helping to work with sheepdogs or sightseeing on a boat looking out for whales and dolphins off the coastline, you’re sure to book a package to remember.

What does it cost?

You can have a great professional portrait of your pet for less than £30 with 100 photographers available nationwide. If it's something more adventurous that you fancy, then you can enjoy a full day as a zookeeper around £150-£300, depending on when you want to go.

Lions and Tigers

Ever since childhood, lions and tigers have carried a mystic fascination with their strength and athleticism creating enduring images. Not everyone wants to get up too close and, with that in mind, we've got some great options for you to find out more about these animals with a number of packages coming in at under £100. You can have breakfast or brunch at the zoo and get a real close up view of the lions and tigers in as natural an environment as possible. Chat away and quiz the keepers as they put you in the shoes of a zoo keeper, spending their working day ensuring that the big cats want for nothing.

You'll be served brunch or enjoy breakfast, be provided with car parking and have the remainder of the day to enjoy the park at your own pace.

Animal magic

How would you like to get to know some of the other zoo animals such as a red panda, meerkat or lemur? A knowledgeable keeper will guide you through step-by-step into the world of these animals and allow you to join in at feeding time. Any fears will quickly be overcome as you gain an insight into what makes these magical animals tick. Feeding wild animals isn't for the faint-hearted but it's extremely memorable and you'll go home with a t-shirt and certificate to compliment your memories of a lively and informative day out.

Something a bit different?

It's hard to think of a bigger contrast than between a day on the dales working with a sheepdog and getting on board a boat looking out for dolphins or whales off the coast of Cornwall!

Wrap up well for your visit to the Yorkshire Dales for an eye-opening day with Barbara Sykes at her International Sheep Dog Trials. Find out the logic behind those whistles and the unique relationship between man, or woman, dog and the sheep. Working with a border collie, you'll get a crash course on the skills that have been handed down from generation to generation, as you see how a flock is kept under control, all with the Dales creating a fantastic backdrop.

Alternatively - and a little more leisurely - we've got three boating options, giving you an insight to the varied sea life to be found off the British coastline. Select from Penzance, New Quay in Wales or Cromarty in Scotland and get on board a sightseeing boat with a friend, as your skipper takes you off to sea looking out for some eye catching fish. Look out for turquoise, minke whales and basking sharks with your skipper able to follow some exciting sea life.

Can I be a zoo keeper or ranger for the day?

Yes you can! Nothing is spared with our hands-on options as you find out exactly what is involved in a zoo keeper’s day, whilst gaining an amazing insight into how some impressive animals go about their daily business. With a range of animals to choose from your day will be far from predictable.

After a safety briefing, your nerves and curiosity will start to fade away as you find out the realities of a day on duty at a zoo. With a keeper or ranger by your side throughout you'll find out what their day is really like as you enjoy a behind the scenes insight into zoo life. With almost military precision, food times are arranged ensuring that the animals remain healthy and happy.

Every aspect of zoo life is explored as you build towards the big thrill of getting up close and personal to feed your favourite animals. Your day will include a full guided tour of the centre, your own meals and a great deal of satisfaction, as you get to find out more about the animals and discover the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

I don't know what to pick!

You can make more than one choice! Most of our options run all year round with different locations available.

Lots of our customers are regulars and like to try out different experiences, one option can lead to another with our real life approach to these experiences the biggest attraction. We don't sugar coat packages - you'll find yourself at the coal face and whatever you choose it's certain to create long lasting memories and talking points amongst your friends.