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Action and Adventure Days

Adventure Experiences.Looking for fun outdoor extreme activities in UK. Check out some of the most popular outdoor activities.
  • Zombie Experiences

    Zombie Experiences

    The zombies are coming and all that stands between civilisation and the brain munching undead is you! Defeat the zombies and save the day.
    Prices from £48
  • Sphereing / Zorbing

    Sphereing / Zorbing

    Discover Sphereing (aka Zorbing) ; simply strap yourself into a giant rubber ball and hurtle down a hill. Simple but brilliant!
    Prices from £16
  • Skydiving and Parachuting

    Skydiving and Parachuting

    Tandem skydives and static line parachute jumps are the classic extreme sports. Live life on the edge with these Experience Mad gifts
    Prices from £239
  • Indoor Skydiving

    Indoor Skydiving

    Indoor skydiving is the perfect solution for fear of heights. Wind tunnels available at the Airkix centres in Milton Keynes and Manchester.
    Prices from £49
  • Segways and Shredders

    Segways and Shredders

    Utilise unique two wheeled Segway personal transporters on an off road rally course. Perfect for thrill seekers!
    Prices from £47
  • Combat & Adrenalin

    Combat & Adrenalin

    Experience being a spy for the day; try high rope walking, zip wires or jumping from a parachute simulator with a combat and adrenalin day.
    Prices from £23
  • Bungee Jumping

    Bungee Jumping

    Bungee Jump across the UK! Go solo, tandem jump with a friend, do the lovers leap or do a Forwards and Backwards jump (which is FaB!).
    Prices from £50
  • Paintball


    Paintballing packages at locations all over the UK. Paintball packages for 8 people include hire of equipment, packages for 2 people include paintballs also.
    Prices from £29

Looking for a challenging and fun gift for someone? Then browse through our amazing action and adventure experiences, guaranteed to provide you with some nail biting, good old fashioned adrenalin entertainment. Whether you fancy something extreme such as skydiving or simply want to try something new, our action and adventure experiences have it all.

We have incredible experiences for people to try, including a day experiencing how to work in CSI through to spy school. So if parachuting and bungee jumps is a little too extreme for your tastes and you would like to go on a genuine adventure, then our experiences are perfect. Alternatively, if adrenaline rushing adventures are more your thing then we have a huge amount of choice of these all ready for you to try. So buckle up and get ready for our action and adventure experiences!