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About ExperienceMad.co.uk

Welcome to ExperienceMad™, the place for people mad about experience days, run by experience day addicts.

tandem skydive

ExperienceMad was born in August 2003 out of a desire to share all the amazing experiences life has to offer with as many people as possible.

Our motto "Go Hard or Go Home" sums up our attitude to life and is a philosophy that has remained with the company's founder since 1998 when he overheard an Australian cattle farmer utter those words to a lazy backpacker staying on his farm who, despite flying half way around the world to experience Australia in all its' glory, fancied a couple more hours in bed!

For those that want to squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of every experience we constantly search out new and exciting experience days at the best locations, in the best planes, trains and automobiles money can buy and all at the best possible prices, just so we can feed the ravenous appetite of the experience junky.

For people who prefer to relax to the max we have Spa Days, Hotel Breaks and a variety of other unforgettable treats that are guaranteed to do anything but get the adrenalin flowing.

Experience days are the most unique gifts you can buy someone for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, as incentives for your staff, or just because you feel like it. We are mad about experience days (in case you hadn't noticed !), so if you need any help just give us a shout.

Last Minute Gift Solutions

If you need a gift in a rush, we have the perfect solution - Online Vouchers. Not only can you buy online easily, now you can use your order number to produce and print your own voucher from this website in seconds, fully personalised with your recipient's name and special message as entered on the order form.

We devised the Online Voucher to provide a last minute option for people who need their gift voucher NOW ! It's a temporary measure but we hope you find it a useful solution if your voucher is delayed in the post, has been eaten by the dog, or you just need it yesterday!

Experience Mad "Wish List"

If you are as mad about experience days as we are you'll want to do them all.

To help you do this you can create your own Wish List which can be used to tick off experiences as you try them, or you can email it to your friends and family to drop a subtle hint for your next birthday present.

dream car

Also, we'll email you whenever a special deal is available on any of the days on your Wish List.

As you surf the Experience Mad website you'll notice a Wish List link in various places such as on the product pages. Click on this and the selected experience day will be added to your wish list in your very own Experience Mad account (you'll need to register to set up the account - only basic information is needed though).

Then you're ready to experience anything we have to offer!

Group and Corporate Events

Whilst we specialise in off-the-shelf experience packages, most of the experiences we offer are suitable for group events, and we also have a range of corporate days and group events which can be tailored to your requirements.

Visit our Corporate Group Events page to see our sample range of events with guide prices per person - if you see something that looks suitable for your group just complete the enquiry form and an event organiser will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail and manage the arrangements to make sure your day goes without a hitch !

We are committed to providing the most comprehensive range of experience days at the best prices. You'd be mad to ignore ExperienceMad!

The Experience Mad Team

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